Unlocking Potential: Building Blocks 23 Web3 Event in Tel Aviv

• Building Blocks Event for Web3 Startups will be hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel on February 7th, 2023.
• The one-day event will bring together Ethereum developers and communities for workshops, panel discussions, and informal events.
• Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross, in conjunction with StarkWare, will be guiding delegates through the art of creating successful web3 businesses.

On February 7th, 2023, the top companies in Tel Aviv will be hosting Building Blocks 23 – a web3 builder-focused event. Building Blocks 23 is part of ETH TLV, a series of workshops, panel discussions, and informal events across Tel Aviv that will bring together Ethereum developers and communities from around the world. Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross have joined forces with StarkWare to offer a unique opportunity to learn how to create a successful web3 business.

The one-day event will provide attendees with the chance to attend several workshops and panel discussions that will cover the fundamentals of the web3 space and how to get involved in the Ethereum ecosystem. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and industry leaders, as well as gain insight into the latest developments in the industry.

At the event, Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross will be offering guidance on the creation of successful web3 businesses. They will also be providing mentorship and support throughout the day, helping attendees gain a better understanding of the web3 landscape and the opportunities available. Furthermore, StarkWare will be providing exclusive insights into the technical aspects of web3 development and the various use cases available.

Building Blocks 23 provides a great opportunity for Ethereum developers and communities to come together, gain knowledge, and network with industry experts. Through the event, attendees can learn the fundamentals of web3 and understand how to take advantage of the opportunities available. Additionally, the event offers the chance to gain insights into the latest developments in the industry and discover the potential of the Ethereum ecosystem.