Texas BTC Miners Struggle After Storm: Report

• Texas BTC miners faced more problems after a storm hit the state, resulting in disruption of their operations.
• Electricity consumption surged due to the low temperatures, prompting firms to switch off their machines to preserve the local power grid.
• Some of the equipment used by miners was damaged, and those with mobile containers were particularly affected by the winter storms.

Texas BTC Miners Face Challenges After Storm

The recent ice blizzard that passed through Texas caused domestic Bitcoin (BTC) miners to temporarily halt activities for a while. As reported by Bloomberg, electricity consumption surged significantly due to the low temperatures and this prompted some firms to switch off their machines in order to protect the energy network.

Equipment Damage & Mobile Containers Impacted

The extreme weather conditions also damaged some of the equipment used by miners located in Texas. Lee Bratcher – President of Texas Blockchain Council – said that those with mobile containers were particularly affected as “many were not designed to be weather-proof for winter storms”. Can Zhao – CMO of JDK Capital – added that his firm experienced a 25% loss in computing power compared to a normal day for the site due to curtailment enforced by authorities lasting up to six hours per day starting from Monday.

Another Blizzard Around Christmas Time

Texas had previously endured another blizzard around Christmas time which led one of its leading BTC miners – Argo Blockchain – saying that it had “no choice but turn off all our mining rigs as instructed“. The miner went on further adding that „this will result in significant losses for us” during this period.

Preserving Local Power Grid

The extreme weather conditions have led some firms within Texas’s crypto mining sector having no choice but turn off all their mining rigs as instructed in order preserve the local power grid and avoid further damage or disruption within other sectors reliant on electricity.


In conclusion, it is clear that extreme weather conditions have posed several challenges for BTC miners located within Texas region over recent months disrupting operations and damaging equipment used within this industry sector.