Google Cloud Launches Web3 Startup Program: $3M in Grants & $200K Cloud Credit

• Google Cloud announced plans to assist Web3 startups and projects to build and scale faster and more securely.
• Eligible Web3 technology projects and startups from pre-seed to Series A will be able to apply for the Google for Startups Cloud Program.
• Projects can also opt-in to Google Cloud’s Web3-specific benefits which include up to $200,000 over two years in Google Cloud credits, technical and collaboration support, grants from Aptos, Celo, Flow, the HBAR Foundation, Near, and the Solana Foundation.

Google Cloud Introduces New Web3 Startup Program

Google Cloud has recently announced a new initiative that aims to help out Web 3 startups and projects by giving them access to resources that will enable them to build and scale faster and more securely. The program is called ‘Google for Startups Cloud Program’ and offers eligible companies from pre-seed stage all the way up till Series A with up to $200k worth of credits over two years plus technical & collaboration support.

Web3 Specific Benefits

In addition to the already existing benefits offered by ‚Google for Startups Cloud Program‘, Web 3 specific benefits have been added too. These include grants from partners such as Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation & Near as well as investment opportunities from Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund with priority review from their Ventures Team.

Collaboration With Partners

The initiative includes collaboration with various firms such as Alchemy, Nansen & Solana who are offering exclusive grants amounting up-to $1 million each in order accelerate growth within these startups or projects. Alongside this there are other resources available too which will aid in development efforts further.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for these services offered through ‚Google for Startups Cloud Program‘ applications must meet certain criteria like having a valid startup business model or using approved technologies etcetera . Also applicants need not worry about any additional costs since all of these services come at no extra cost at all!


The new offering by Google provides eligible Web 3 technology projects & startups ranging from Pre-Seed stage all the way uptil Series A with access to amazing resources like credit worth up-to $200k over 2 years alongside technical & collaboration support , exclusive grants amounting uptil $1 million each , investments opportunity through Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund & priority review by their Ventures Team so they can focus on speed & innovation while building their products/services without worrying about extra costs!