Claim Your ARB Tokens: All You Need to Know About the Arbitrum Airdrop

• The Arbitrum airdrop is taking place on March 23rd, and users can already check their eligibility.
• There is a point system that will dictate how many tokens each user will get.
• The maximum allocation a single address can get is 10,200 tokens.

The ARB Airdrop Date

The Arbitrum airdrop is finally here and it’s set to take place on March 23rd, 2023. Users can check their eligibility and claim their precise share of ARB tokens in advance.

Qualifying Actions & Points System

The number of tokens each user will receive depends on the point score they have accumulated, with everyone needing at least three points to qualify for the airdrop. The point score is capped at 15 points and the qualifying actions include bridging funds to Arbitrum One, doing transactions, etc.

Maximum Allocation per Address

The maximum number of ARB tokens that any single wallet can receive through the airdrop is 10,200. This makes up 11.62% of the initial supply cap of 10 billion ARB tokens which are allocated for governance purposes only.

Snapshot Date

The snapshot date for this event was February 6th, 2023 when users had to make sure all their wallets were eligible according to the pre-defined criteria in order to participate in the airdrop.


All in all, participating in an airdrop such as this one isn’t an easy matter but with some research you should be able to determine whether or not you are eligible and how much ARB you could potentially earn from it – so don’t miss out!