Bitcoin Startup Lab: Supercharge Your Web3 Bitcoin Startup

• Bitcoin Startup Lab is launching a program to help founders build on Bitcoin.
• The program will provide tools, skills and knowledge for founders to turn their ideas into successful Web3 Bitcoin startups.
• Testimonials from former graduates of the program have praised Bitcoin Startup Lab for their invaluable support.

Bitcoin Startup Lab Launches Program Supercharging Founders Building on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Startup Lab, an industry-leading part-time startup training program and community for founders, is enabling the advent of the sustainable Web3 Bitcoin economy with its comprehensive mentorship-guided startup program beginning on June 24th, 2023.

Tools and Skills Provided by the Program

Bitcoin Startup Lab enables talented founders to become the champions they are meant to be by training founders with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge they need to transform their ideas into investment-ready Web3 Bitcoin startups.

Testimonials from Former Graduates

Robin Obermaier: „The Bitcoin Startup Lab has played a pivotal role in our development. In just eight months, we transitioned from an idea fueled by passion, to a well-funded and rapidly growing business, largely thanks to the valuable guidance from Albert and his team. Their assistance in finding our current CTO, Peter Giammanco (a computer science graduate from the University of Penn) through the startup program has notably strengthened our team. We greatly appreciate the Bitcoin Startup Lab for their invaluable support… Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now!“

Anatoly Kozlov: „The combination of learning resources available at both online courses as well as in-person mentor meetings really helped us gain a deeper understanding of how our product works and what it takes to build a successful Web3 based business.“

Startup Training Program Begins June 24th 2023

The comprehensive mentorship guided startup program begins June 24th 2023.

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